Who Says Snacking Isn’t Healthy and Fun?

Many people have the notion that snacking is not healthy and could ruin a person’s healthy diet. This is only because the common snacks that most of the people today grew up eating are either sweet candies and drinks or salty crackers and chips. But in reality, snacking is healthy for a person’s diet as well as mental conditions.

If you only eat three meals a day because you believe that snacking would make you fat, it could lead to depression caused by hunger or binge eating because of feeling deprived to eat. The key to healthy snacking is to make those munchies healthy instead of buying preserved goods or chips full of MSG. The problem is that most people find it difficult to enjoy a healthy snack. Listed below are several ways to enjoy healthier snacks:

Prepare your own fresh fruits instead of buying them.

Have you ever had one of those packed fresh fruits from the grocery store which are submerged in sweet, heavy syrup? Although you seem to get the fruits fresh, you could also get diabetes from the heavy syrup. The best way to enjoy fresh fruits better is to prepare them on your own. You can have them ready at night before you go to sleep or in the morning when you wake up. If you also want the flavorful syrup, opt for some honey instead of sugar syrup. Honey is a well known natural sweetener that fights of calories so you get to hit two birds in one healthy snack. Plus, you get to learn a few kitchen skills while preparing these.

Think positive about negative calories.

If you think chewing on carrots and celery is boring and is not very pleasing for your palate. Think again. Carrots and celery are easy to prepare. Since they have zero calories, it does not add up to the calories that you need to burn. Plus chewing is one action that allows the body to burn calories. Imagine eating something but instead of acquiring calories, you are burning them. That is one positive note on why you should munch on healthier snacks. Another wonderful thought on why you should consume the healthy stuff is because they cost less than the usual unhealthy snacks out there. Imagine how much carrots, celery, or fresh fruits you can buy for the prize of one fast food snack.

Learn the art of displacement.

If you are still craving for the usual unhealthy snacks, learn to displace them with something healthier. Get baked sweet potatoes and eat them before lunch time. You will ward off the desire to eat a heavy lunch and dock the unhealthy oils and calories of a fried French fries. Instead of putting ice cream on your dessert, have a flavored frozen yogurt instead. It has the same great taste but with less calories and sugar. Eat wheat bread with honey and cinnamon spread instead of white bread with jam. You not only get to enjoy the food you love, you get to do it in a healthier way.

By way of learning to enjoy these healthy snacks, you get to reinforce your goal for a healthier diet and you get to avoid weight gain easily without the feelings of deprivation and depression.