South Beach Diet Madness

Have you come across with “South Beach Diet”? SBD as many calls it is very famous to all dieters. South Beach Diet is actually known as a healthy rendition of the once popular Atkins Diet. This particular diet however, is great and healthy one, because the diet consists of whole grain foods, healthy fats, fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables. Cardiologist Doctor Arthur Agatston introduced this type of healthy diet management from Mount Sinai Hospital in South Florida. This special diet was intended for overweight patients with a heart problem. The results on them were so tremendous, making Doctor Agatston confident enough to share it with other persons who are suffering such dilemma.

SBD is somewhat similar to Atkins Diet or the Zone Diet, the founder emphasizes that does not restricts a low-carbohydrate diet. It is apparently, complementing with the good carbohydrates adjacent to the bad carbohydrates in your body. Actually, South Beach Diet has a program online a great selection for vegetarians and 600 recipes to choose from.

SBD has 3 phases to obtain the goal, on the first two weeks of South Beach diet; you are expected to lose 8 to 13 pounds. In this particular diet, it serves three full meals with a snack each day for two weeks. There is no limit to the quantity though. It is just the arrangement of food is very particular. However, on the first phase of SBD it contains a certain meal plan and a recipe, while the second phase of the diet includes the some restrictions on particular foods to be avoided in the previous phase, the weight lose in this phase is quite small around 1to 2 pounds per week. Lastly, the third phase is regarding the lifestyle of the person on eating only healthy foods and managing your weight to lose weight.

Having to follow this simple and effective method of dieting surely makes you succeed with your aim in weight lose because all that use it were so impress of the South Beach Diet Madness.