Kettle Belle Body Program Review

Men and women are different in many ways and one of their most obvious differences is their physique.

This is one important factor to consider when working out.

However, what most people do not understand is that body toning for women should also be different from men.

As a woman, you have to know the ways that you can efficiently sculpt your body in a way that it won’t look bulky and still reflect that feminine side of yours, and this is what exactly the KettleBelleBody Program aims to achieve.

About  KettleBelleBody Program

KettleBelleBody Program is an exercise program that mainly makes use of Kettlebells.

It is specially made for women and aims to enhance its user’s body tone without having to look bulky, which most men that do weights usually look like.

The program puts emphasis on the importance and benefits of using Kettlebells rather than dumbels for working out.


Kettlebells have been known to be used by a lot of celebrities and models for years and it’s evident that this kind of workout does wonders to the body.

Some of the known celebrities that use these fitness tools are: Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Heigl, Penelope Cruz, Kim Bassinger and Kim Katrell.

The routines included in the book are varied. You won’t easily get bored with these exercise routines and would even have more fun during the whole process.

The workouts in the book entail you to only use one instrument – the Kettlebell.

You do not need to purchase a lot of complicated gym equipments that are not only too costly but will also eat up a lot of space inside your home.

The exercises could be done outside. Thus, you get to enjoy the outdoors as you sculpt your body to a toned and leaner you.

In fact, the book highly recommends that you do it outside so that you won’t have to worry about your home’s tiles/flooring being damaged whenever you accidentally drop your kettlebell.


The program claims that “consistency” is the key to achieving optimal results.

This could be a problem for some people that lack the motivation and will and are not hardworking enough to workout every day.

Keep in mind that workouts here are designed for women.

Although men also use kettlebells for bodybuilding, they actually employ a different workout routine.

Hence, if you’re a man, then this program may not be suitable for you.

Although the Web site is very informative and convincing on its presentation about the effectiveness of kettlebells, it still lacks enough user testimonials and reviews to support the program’s claims.

Additionally, not much can be found on the Internet regarding the feedback of its users.

The author of the book is not necessarily a fitness expert or a medical professional that is experienced with losing weight. Thus, some credibility issues could arise.


Kettlebells have been used for ages as effective tools for sculpting the human body and there is no question about its effectiveness.

However, what is in question here is the program that the book offers itself.

Although it provides promising claims, it still lacks enough testimonials to prove that the program per se is effective.