God’s way to weight loss by Dr frank Smoot

Good Morning.

I currently run a Christian daily inspirational website called His Love for Us. I have been working on a new site which deals with health problems and the site is to guide you into getting healthy God’s way.

If we take that God set our lifespan to be 120 years, then something has gone very wrong in this world, as few people survive the 70 year mark and only a handfull out of billions of people get near to the 100 year mark. I do not think that there is a single individual at the moment anywhere near to the 120 year old mark.

When researching God clearly indicated to me that weight loss is just as much a sickness as cancer is, and that I should have a section on the site dealing with weight loss. He also showed me that I should not re-invent the wheel but that He would show me where to find the work that has already been done.

God clearly led me to the work of Dr Frank, who had published an online system called “God’s way to weight Loss“. The system is an incredible system that is completely in line with everything that God has showed me in healing. Healing always talkes place in three spheres, the mind, the soul and the Body.

For anyone who has experienced the roller coaster effect of weight loss programs, this is because conventional weight loss programs only look at weight loss in the perspective of treating the systems. Lose weight fast and the customer will be happy. The only problem is that the weight returns just as quickly and soon you will be buying their next weight loss product.

With God’s way to weight loss, your overweight problem is treated first in the spirit, then in the mind and lastly in the body. There is no serious diets and detox programs, and yet the results experienced are incredible and permanent. The system is so fantastic that it carries a lifetime gurantee!
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This is one system that is bound to change your entire life, improve your whole self image and bring you back to being the person that you want to be and the person that others look up to for advice.