Goal Setting and Motivation

Excellent goal setting and motivation will make your targets a thousand times easier. This is true in every walk of life, but especially so for your fitness.

At the very least, it’ll get you to your ultimate goal without quitting and falling into a pit of despair. But creating exceptional milestones and paying close attention to your motivation could drastically cut the time it takes you to achieve your ultimate goal.

Why? Because you are less likely to succumb to any setback. At the end of the day, they are inevitable. They simply happen. And you’ll never be able to change that.

But if you take into consideration that these setbacks will at some point happen, and are prepared for them by proper goal setting and motivation techniques, then you’ll absorb the impact of these occasions like a sponge.

At the very worst, you’ll be knocked out of your stride, but you’ll be in the best possible position to get back in the race. Your race to your ultimate goal.

Achievable Goals or Certain Failure

Goals are vital to your success. Without them, you have nothing to achieve and no motivation.

Put another way, they give you a sense of direction in life. And purpose.

But only if your goals are achievable. I don’t mean they have to be easy. If they were easy, they wouldn’t really be goals at all.

For example, if you had your heart set on being the first person to cycle to the top of Mount Everest, unaided, without oxygen, and without stopping for a single moment . . . you would be doomed for failure.

So keep it real!

Measurable Goals and Time Oriented

Your goals should also be measurable so that you can see and reflect on your progress. This means that you should be able to split your ultimate goal into achievable milestones that provide progressive momentum.

If you don’t make your goals measurable, how do you know if you’re ever going to achieve them?

On a related note, your goals should also be time oriented. Basically, there has to be an end date. And preferably your milestones should be time oriented as well.

Similarly, this will give you momentum towards your ultimate goal, minimising the chance of succumbing to setbacks and becoming sidetracked.

High Motivation Increases Your Chances of Success

If you create exceptional milestones, you’ll have plenty of motivation from this alone.

But there will be times when you need to dig a little deeper. You’ll have to find something more within you to keep going forward.

The best way is to help yourself!

There are many things you can do to keep your motivation high, such as visualization techniques, keeping a diary or journal, or reading topical material to list only a few.

I’ve touched upon this in the article Fitness Motivation, which gives a list of motivational ideas.

A Brief Summary of Goal Setting and Motivation

I think the points above are worth a quick summary. If you get them right, you’ll be able to conquer anything. Well, within reason!

Firstly, your goals have to be achievable, i.e. realistic, otherwise it’ll forever be an unobtainable dream.

They have to be measurable so that you can map your progress. If you can’t see progression, you’ll never know if you’re on the right track.

Then they have to be time oriented. If you don’t work to a timeline, you’ll never progress. You’ll never get closer to your goal.

And finally you have to keep motivated. Turn your back on this at your peril.

These points work for any goal in life, especially for helping you achieve ultimate fitness.