God’s way to weight loss by Dr frank Smoot

Good Morning.

I currently run a Christian daily inspirational website called His Love for Us. I have been working on a new site which deals with health problems and the site is to guide you into getting healthy God’s way.

If we take that God set our lifespan to be 120 years, then something has gone very wrong in this world, as few people survive the 70 year mark and only a handfull out of billions of people get near to the 100 year mark. I do not think that there is a single individual at the moment anywhere near to the 120 year old mark.

When researching God clearly indicated to me that weight loss is just as much a sickness as cancer is, and that I should have a section on the site dealing with weight loss. He also showed me that I should not re-invent the wheel but that He would show me where to find the work that has already been done.

God clearly led me to the work of Dr Frank, who had published an online system called “God’s way to weight Loss“. The system is an incredible system that is completely in line with everything that God has showed me in healing. Healing always talkes place in three spheres, the mind, the soul and the Body.

For anyone who has experienced the roller coaster effect of weight loss programs, this is because conventional weight loss programs only look at weight loss in the perspective of treating the systems. Lose weight fast and the customer will be happy. The only problem is that the weight returns just as quickly and soon you will be buying their next weight loss product.

With God’s way to weight loss, your overweight problem is treated first in the spirit, then in the mind and lastly in the body. There is no serious diets and detox programs, and yet the results experienced are incredible and permanent. The system is so fantastic that it carries a lifetime gurantee!
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This is one system that is bound to change your entire life, improve your whole self image and bring you back to being the person that you want to be and the person that others look up to for advice.

Phen24 as an answer to lose weight

In today’s world where obesity is a classic problem among the growing population, medical and health methods are introduced in order to solve the said issue.  One method that is crawling its way to the mouth of people with weight concerns is the Phen24 mg, a supplement created to assist in losing fats in a short period of time. The component found in the pill known as phenyl-tertiary-butylamine that is in-charge of cutting the appetite for food of a person at the same time provides proper nourishment to the body.  As a consequence, the individual then consume food at a minimal level thus stored stubborn excess fats are eventually put into use and burnt.

About Phentermine

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The pill comes in tablet form of white with blue marks that is usually taken with a plenty amount of water.  Once inside the body, it releases three chemical compounds namely dopamine, epinephrine, and epinephrine that functions as neurotransmitters that basically coordinate with the brain stating that the stomach is already full.  As a result, a person who is under this program becomes hesitant in consuming more unhealthy foods and sweets thus lessening additional fats in the body. The tablet is taken at least 1 to 2 hours before eating breakfast for two consecutive months.  An individual is also instructed to strictly observe balanced diet and perform physical activities and exercise for faster effective satisfying results.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the pill and guarantees safe to take.  But one is recommended to consult a doctor before and while taking the pills for proper medical physical examination to evaluate the compatibility to one’s body and also be given guidance in order to avoid excessive amount of intake that may lead to tremors, anxiety, and dizziness. First time users are also advised to observe one’s body reaction with the pill.

Who Says Snacking Isn’t Healthy and Fun?

Many people have the notion that snacking is not healthy and could ruin a person’s healthy diet. This is only because the common snacks that most of the people today grew up eating are either sweet candies and drinks or salty crackers and chips. But in reality, snacking is healthy for a person’s diet as well as mental conditions.

If you only eat three meals a day because you believe that snacking would make you fat, it could lead to depression caused by hunger or binge eating because of feeling deprived to eat. The key to healthy snacking is to make those munchies healthy instead of buying preserved goods or chips full of MSG. The problem is that most people find it difficult to enjoy a healthy snack. Listed below are several ways to enjoy healthier snacks:

Prepare your own fresh fruits instead of buying them.

Have you ever had one of those packed fresh fruits from the grocery store which are submerged in sweet, heavy syrup? Although you seem to get the fruits fresh, you could also get diabetes from the heavy syrup. The best way to enjoy fresh fruits better is to prepare them on your own. You can have them ready at night before you go to sleep or in the morning when you wake up. If you also want the flavorful syrup, opt for some honey instead of sugar syrup. Honey is a well known natural sweetener that fights of calories so you get to hit two birds in one healthy snack. Plus, you get to learn a few kitchen skills while preparing these.

Think positive about negative calories.

If you think chewing on carrots and celery is boring and is not very pleasing for your palate. Think again. Carrots and celery are easy to prepare. Since they have zero calories, it does not add up to the calories that you need to burn. Plus chewing is one action that allows the body to burn calories. Imagine eating something but instead of acquiring calories, you are burning them. That is one positive note on why you should munch on healthier snacks. Another wonderful thought on why you should consume the healthy stuff is because they cost less than the usual unhealthy snacks out there. Imagine how much carrots, celery, or fresh fruits you can buy for the prize of one fast food snack.

Learn the art of displacement.

If you are still craving for the usual unhealthy snacks, learn to displace them with something healthier. Get baked sweet potatoes and eat them before lunch time. You will ward off the desire to eat a heavy lunch and dock the unhealthy oils and calories of a fried French fries. Instead of putting ice cream on your dessert, have a flavored frozen yogurt instead. It has the same great taste but with less calories and sugar. Eat wheat bread with honey and cinnamon spread instead of white bread with jam. You not only get to enjoy the food you love, you get to do it in a healthier way.

By way of learning to enjoy these healthy snacks, you get to reinforce your goal for a healthier diet and you get to avoid weight gain easily without the feelings of deprivation and depression.

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There are several copied weight loss products in the market. These are basically scams and don’t give any effective result. So it becomes very important to take original pills in order to get benefited. The official website will give you the original product and no one else.

Cheaper prices than others

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Stretching Exercises, A Mistake To Neglect

I used to hate stretching exercises. You probably thinks that’s a little strong, but I really did hate them. And to my own detriment. At first I used to see them as utterly unnecessary. I used to think what is the point? And so I just didn’t do them. And then I began to change my mind, around about my mid-twenties. About the time I realised I wasn’t 16 anymore and couldn’t throw myself around the way all teenagers can. At this time I began to considered them a necessary evil! I started to do them to correct muscle imbalances and injuries I had picked up over the years. Very annoyingly, I realised that if I had the right attitude from an early age, I wouldn’t have picked up those imbalance or some of those injuries in the first place! But now, rapidly approaching my mid-thirties, I think stretching exercises are simply awesome. Sitting down in a chair all day long working an office job plays havoc with my back and hips. I have to perform lower back stretching exercises religiously. A good stretching routine keeps away the pain of those stiff joints, feels fantastic, and allows me to continue exercising and taking part in sport as I get older. So why wouldn’t you want to stretch those stiff, tight muscles?

Types of Stretching Exercises

There are several types and variations of stretching techniques. The type used would depend on the activity preceding or succeeding it and the personal fitness level of the individual. Dynamic Stretching is useful prior to an aerobic workout as part of your warm up routine. You gently move your limbs, increasing the range of motion and speed, but never forcing a joint past its range of motion. You might have previously heard of ballistic stretching. Please don’t confuse the two. Ballistic stretching forces your limbs beyond its range, which can be very damaging to your muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Passive Stretching is where you assume a stretched position, possibly with the aid or some apparatus or a friend, and hold that position for a period of time. Usually around 20 to 30 seconds. It is often used simply to loosen tight muscles, relieve muscle spasms, and to aid recovery after an injury. However, if you have an injury, you should speak to a qualified therapist before embarking on any stretching routine. (You could make things worse for yourself!) Isometric Stretching involves you performing a passive stretch and then contracting (or tensing) that muscle whilst remaining in the stretched position. You’ll see quicker gains with this type of stretching than with passive stretching alone. To perform an isometric stretch . . .

Assume a passive stretch position

Tense the stretched muscle for 10 to 15 seconds

Relax the muscle for at least 20 seconds before repeating

PNF Stretching, or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, is the fastest most effective method to increase static flexibility. It basically combines the passive stretch with the isometric stretch. To perform a PNF stretch, carry out the same procedure above for the isometric stretch, but after the contraction relax the muscle for 2 to 3 seconds (whilst maintaining the passive stretch) then increase the range a little further. You’ll be able to stretch further due to the increased range of motion provided by the contraction! To perform a PNF stretch . . . Assume a passive stretch position

Tense the stretched muscle for 10 to 15 seconds

Relax the muscle for 2 to 3 seconds (but maintain the passive stretch)

Then stretch that little bit further

Take a look at the list of stretching routines below and use or modify them as you wish. Incorporating stretching exercises into your general fitness routine will help you avoid or minimise the risk of injury. It may also prevent or minimise post exercise muscle soreness. I say may because there is much debate and contradictory research regarding this. Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes I made several years ago. Or if you do . . . learn from them!

Stretching Routines

10 Minute Static Stretching Routine

This 10 minute static stretching routine is great for general fitness. And great for the more sedentary of us.

Calf Muscle and Achilles Tendon Stretching

Incorporate this achilles tendon stretching routine to increase your flexibility. Best Stretching Routines

For one of the best stretching routines, see this full body stretch workout. 10 minutes a day is all you need.

South Beach Diet Madness

Have you come across with “South Beach Diet”? SBD as many calls it is very famous to all dieters. South Beach Diet is actually known as a healthy rendition of the once popular Atkins Diet. This particular diet however, is great and healthy one, because the diet consists of whole grain foods, healthy fats, fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables. Cardiologist Doctor Arthur Agatston introduced this type of healthy diet management from Mount Sinai Hospital in South Florida. This special diet was intended for overweight patients with a heart problem. The results on them were so tremendous, making Doctor Agatston confident enough to share it with other persons who are suffering such dilemma.

SBD is somewhat similar to Atkins Diet or the Zone Diet, the founder emphasizes that does not restricts a low-carbohydrate diet. It is apparently, complementing with the good carbohydrates adjacent to the bad carbohydrates in your body. Actually, South Beach Diet has a program online a great selection for vegetarians and 600 recipes to choose from.

SBD has 3 phases to obtain the goal, on the first two weeks of South Beach diet; you are expected to lose 8 to 13 pounds. In this particular diet, it serves three full meals with a snack each day for two weeks. There is no limit to the quantity though. It is just the arrangement of food is very particular. However, on the first phase of SBD it contains a certain meal plan and a recipe, while the second phase of the diet includes the some restrictions on particular foods to be avoided in the previous phase, the weight lose in this phase is quite small around 1to 2 pounds per week. Lastly, the third phase is regarding the lifestyle of the person on eating only healthy foods and managing your weight to lose weight.

Having to follow this simple and effective method of dieting surely makes you succeed with your aim in weight lose because all that use it were so impress of the South Beach Diet Madness.

Kettle Belle Body Program Review

Men and women are different in many ways and one of their most obvious differences is their physique.

This is one important factor to consider when working out.

However, what most people do not understand is that body toning for women should also be different from men.

As a woman, you have to know the ways that you can efficiently sculpt your body in a way that it won’t look bulky and still reflect that feminine side of yours, and this is what exactly the KettleBelleBody Program aims to achieve.

About  KettleBelleBody Program

KettleBelleBody Program is an exercise program that mainly makes use of Kettlebells.

It is specially made for women and aims to enhance its user’s body tone without having to look bulky, which most men that do weights usually look like.

The program puts emphasis on the importance and benefits of using Kettlebells rather than dumbels for working out.


Kettlebells have been known to be used by a lot of celebrities and models for years and it’s evident that this kind of workout does wonders to the body.

Some of the known celebrities that use these fitness tools are: Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Heigl, Penelope Cruz, Kim Bassinger and Kim Katrell.

The routines included in the book are varied. You won’t easily get bored with these exercise routines and would even have more fun during the whole process.

The workouts in the book entail you to only use one instrument – the Kettlebell.

You do not need to purchase a lot of complicated gym equipments that are not only too costly but will also eat up a lot of space inside your home.

The exercises could be done outside. Thus, you get to enjoy the outdoors as you sculpt your body to a toned and leaner you.

In fact, the book highly recommends that you do it outside so that you won’t have to worry about your home’s tiles/flooring being damaged whenever you accidentally drop your kettlebell.


The program claims that “consistency” is the key to achieving optimal results.

This could be a problem for some people that lack the motivation and will and are not hardworking enough to workout every day.

Keep in mind that workouts here are designed for women.

Although men also use kettlebells for bodybuilding, they actually employ a different workout routine.

Hence, if you’re a man, then this program may not be suitable for you.

Although the Web site is very informative and convincing on its presentation about the effectiveness of kettlebells, it still lacks enough user testimonials and reviews to support the program’s claims.

Additionally, not much can be found on the Internet regarding the feedback of its users.

The author of the book is not necessarily a fitness expert or a medical professional that is experienced with losing weight. Thus, some credibility issues could arise.


Kettlebells have been used for ages as effective tools for sculpting the human body and there is no question about its effectiveness.

However, what is in question here is the program that the book offers itself.

Although it provides promising claims, it still lacks enough testimonials to prove that the program per se is effective.

Fastest Ways To Lose Weight

The fastest ways to lose weight will always consist of a combined fat loss nutrition and weight loss workout plan, both of which increase your calorie deficit. It all comes down to the calories you consume.

If you consume more calories than you burn off through all your physical activity, then you are going to put on fat. So what are the fastest ways to lose weight?

(Obviously surgery – as in liposuction – is the quickest way to lose weight, but that goes against the grain of this site. This site is all natural!)

Fastest Ways To Lose Weight Through Your Diet

There’s no way around it. You have to follow a healthy diet to lose weight. To be blunt, it’s fat loss nutrition or fat gain nutrition…your choice!

But if you want to maximize your weight loss, you need to look beyond simple calorie restriction. If you want to incorporate exercise into your routine, then you want to eat to get the most out of your exercise too.

Take a look at the article on nutrition and physical fitness for more on this.

Also, there has been much evidence that suggests some supplements may help with weight loss. I’m not talking about any miracle supplements you might see on TV which aren’t worth a single penny, but super supplements that aid with your nutrition. For example, chromium supplements have been used for several years to help control blood sugar levels, which help reduce sugar cravings.

Fastest Ways To Lose Weight Through Physical Exercise

And then there’s your weight loss workout plan. To maximize you weight loss, there’s nothing better than combining exercise with your nutrition efforts.

But not all exercise is equal when it comes to fat loss. Aerobic exercise routines will always help. The more you do, the more calories you burn, the more weight you lose.

But there has been much research into high intensity interval training in recent years. Specifically, HIIT training is a great fat burner. I use this personally when in a fat burning phase, as do many people I know. See the HIIT workout for an idea on this type of training.

And then there is the very short but ultra high intensity Tabata training. These are very short sessions, lasting only 4 minutes in total. You can perform 1 on it’s own, or perform 2 or 3 sessions one after the other. Take a look at the Tabata squats video for a look at this type of workout. You’ll be amazed at how good these are. You can even tag one of these Tabata session to the end of a traditional aerobic exercise routine to finish you off. They are simply great!

I believe that these high intensity workouts should find their way into everyone’s weight loss workout plan. For more on these, and other workouts, have a look at the list of free workout plans. See what suits you, or modify them to fit in with your ultimate fitness goals.

Goal Setting and Motivation

Excellent goal setting and motivation will make your targets a thousand times easier. This is true in every walk of life, but especially so for your fitness.

At the very least, it’ll get you to your ultimate goal without quitting and falling into a pit of despair. But creating exceptional milestones and paying close attention to your motivation could drastically cut the time it takes you to achieve your ultimate goal.

Why? Because you are less likely to succumb to any setback. At the end of the day, they are inevitable. They simply happen. And you’ll never be able to change that.

But if you take into consideration that these setbacks will at some point happen, and are prepared for them by proper goal setting and motivation techniques, then you’ll absorb the impact of these occasions like a sponge.

At the very worst, you’ll be knocked out of your stride, but you’ll be in the best possible position to get back in the race. Your race to your ultimate goal.

Achievable Goals or Certain Failure

Goals are vital to your success. Without them, you have nothing to achieve and no motivation.

Put another way, they give you a sense of direction in life. And purpose.

But only if your goals are achievable. I don’t mean they have to be easy. If they were easy, they wouldn’t really be goals at all.

For example, if you had your heart set on being the first person to cycle to the top of Mount Everest, unaided, without oxygen, and without stopping for a single moment . . . you would be doomed for failure.

So keep it real!

Measurable Goals and Time Oriented

Your goals should also be measurable so that you can see and reflect on your progress. This means that you should be able to split your ultimate goal into achievable milestones that provide progressive momentum.

If you don’t make your goals measurable, how do you know if you’re ever going to achieve them?

On a related note, your goals should also be time oriented. Basically, there has to be an end date. And preferably your milestones should be time oriented as well.

Similarly, this will give you momentum towards your ultimate goal, minimising the chance of succumbing to setbacks and becoming sidetracked.

High Motivation Increases Your Chances of Success

If you create exceptional milestones, you’ll have plenty of motivation from this alone.

But there will be times when you need to dig a little deeper. You’ll have to find something more within you to keep going forward.

The best way is to help yourself!

There are many things you can do to keep your motivation high, such as visualization techniques, keeping a diary or journal, or reading topical material to list only a few.

I’ve touched upon this in the article Fitness Motivation, which gives a list of motivational ideas.

A Brief Summary of Goal Setting and Motivation

I think the points above are worth a quick summary. If you get them right, you’ll be able to conquer anything. Well, within reason!

Firstly, your goals have to be achievable, i.e. realistic, otherwise it’ll forever be an unobtainable dream.

They have to be measurable so that you can map your progress. If you can’t see progression, you’ll never know if you’re on the right track.

Then they have to be time oriented. If you don’t work to a timeline, you’ll never progress. You’ll never get closer to your goal.

And finally you have to keep motivated. Turn your back on this at your peril.

These points work for any goal in life, especially for helping you achieve ultimate fitness.

Best Way To Gain Weight

I’m guessing that by best way to gain weight you’re referring to lean muscle weight! I mean, not many people want to get big and flabby. Some do, I’m sure. But not many. To answer this question, think about natural bodybuilders for a moment (that is, bodybuilders without the performance enhancing drugs). I doubt you really want to look like that either – bulging muscles and veins popping out isn’t a look for everyone! But these guys are hugely muscular and know exactly how to put on lean weight. If you wanted to know how to wire in a new light socket you wouldn’t go to your greengrocer, right? You would speak with an electrician, the person with the right kind of knowledge. Same here. We need to find out exactly how bodybuilders put on lean weight. So lets take a closer look at these guys.

Best Way To Gain Weight – A Bodybuilding Perspective

Pick up any bodybuilding magazine or speak to any bodybuilder and they’ll tell you that gaining lean weight is 90% down to your diet and 10% training. Training is the easy part. But what does this mean? Put another way it means that you can train and lift weights all day long until the cows come home, but you won’t gain a single ounce of muscle unless you eat the right foods! So you need to combine a muscle building diet with an appropriate muscle building workout routine. Then you’ll soon see your lean weight creeping up! I’ve already talked about eating to gain weight. That article will give you an idea about increasing your calories and the types of foods and possible supplements you could use. But here we’ll move on to the 10% part of lean weight building . . . resistance training.

Best Way To Gain Weight – The Physiological Perspective

Knowledge is power. And in this case, a little bit of geeky science knowledge will help you understand the type of training you have to do to build lean muscle weight. Bare with me, it’s actually quite interesting! Your muscles are made up of two main types of muscle fiber (and variants of): your slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers. Slow twitch fibers are endurance fibers, and are used for aerobic exercises like walking and cycling. Basically, they are long lasting, low intensity fibers that take a while to become fatigued. Fast twitch fibers on the other hand are short to medium lasting and moderate to high intensity fibers. The interesting thing for us to know is that . . . weightlifters and bodybuilders use these fast twitch fibers far more so than aerobic athletes. And these guys are often huge! Your proportion of one fiber type to the other is largely genetically determined. The more heavily the proportion leans towards the fast twitch fibers, the greater the potential is to increase your lean muscle weight quickly. But that doesn’t matter to us. If your proportion leans towards the slow twitch, then so what? You’ll put on lean weight a little more slowly. What matters is that we now know the best type of muscle fibers to recruit to gain lean weight. So what workout routines make best use of these fast twitch fibers?

Resistance Training

It boils down to this . . . for the best way to gain weight you have to lift heavier weights to stress the muscles in a way that will encourage them to grow. This is hypertrophy. There is a growing list of workout routines here, but the following list of rules sum it up. Exercise all muscle groups for even growth and to avoid imbalance injuries – that means, exercise more than just your biceps!

For each exercise, work to failure – that is, until you can’t lift anymore repetitions

Complete 2-3 sets per muscle group, between 8 and 12 repetitions each set

Rest for 2 to 3 minutes between sets

Training each muscle group once per week to start with

Split your muscle groups up so you only train on 3 or 4 days each week maximum

Make sure each session lasts no longer than 1 hour – the shorter the better

Progressively lift heavier weights, as long as your lifting form isn’t compromised

Avoid injury at all costs!

Listen to your body – if it needs rest, it needs rest!

And there you have it! Follow these simple rules and you’ll soon start to gain weight.